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Open and voluntary membership

Cooperatives are open voluntary organizations for all those people willing to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities which entail the membership without discrimination of genre, race, social class and political or religious position.
Our ActionsWe are a Group which motivates the active participation of its several interest groups, with the aim of giving more value to the organization, to the people who belong to it and to those people which are related to such organization.


Principles and values are the distinctive elements of the cooperative organizations and companies.

As early as in 1844, Pioneros de Rochdale, founders of the first cooperative of the history, had formulated a principle system which was simple, clear and convincing, which assured them the organization management in favour of its members.


The new Cooperative Identity Declaration adopted by the 2nd General Assembly of ACI, which was carried out in September 2005 in the city of Manchester, in the opportunity of the celebration of the Alliance Centenary includes a new definition of the word cooperative and a revision of the formulation of the Cooperative Principles and Values. The new formulation maintains the essence of a system of principles and values which showed to be efficient in more than 150 years of history and it contributed to transform cooperativism in one of the biggest social and economic forces at a worldwide level, at the same time that it incorporates new elements for a better interpretation of the current historical moment.

Cooperatives are based on values such as mutual help, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. 

Following the tradition of its founders, its members believe in the ethical values of honesty, transparency, social responsibility and concern for the others.