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Our commitment with the sustainable development and the rational use of resources is one of the strategic lines of our business model.

The interest for the environmental protection is taken into account when making all our works, preventing and minimizing environmental impacts and preserving natural resources. We don’t get involved in activities which imply unacceptable risks from the environmental and/or social point of view; and we aim to permanently identify such risks as soon as possible so that the actions and decisions would be timely and appropriate.


We make up an Environment group focused on punctual categories of actions:


Energetic resources:


  • Develop strategies related to the rationalization of the electric energy consumption in our administrative facilities.
  • Make the diagram of the implementation of these actions so that all the organization levels would be enough.



  • Establish measures aimed to optimize the use of material resources: tonner, print cartridge, CD, DVD, among others.
  • Analyze the administrative processes in order to evaluate environmental improvements and its impact on the daily management of the personnel.

Treatment of waste products:


  • Plan different actions regarding the waste products generated by our Insuring Group (notebooks' batteries, monitors, paper, plastic, aluminum, etc.) with the aim of recycling or give a final secure place to them.
  • Propose deals or agreements with third parties, respecting the applicable current regulation.

Actions with Providers:


  • Analyze the internal hiring procedures for the input consumption or the service provision (for example: maintenance of printers, fumigation of plants and buildings, etc.), incorporating them environmental measures they should fulfill in order to be accepted as providers of Sancor Seguros Group.

Actions with Insured:


  • On the base of the different commercial and spreading elements that we take to our insured (current and future insured, insurance brokers and advisors, society in general), redesign them so that its environmental impact would be the less possible.